Social Impact Commitment

Strategic Learning Consultants (SLCi) understands the power of education and is committed to making a lasting difference in the Philippines and beyond. As a learning organization, we believe in the ripple effect of knowledge, where empowering one individual can uplift entire communities.

In the Philippines, SLCi is devoted to addressing educational gaps, especially in underserved regions. We collaborate with local schools and community leaders to provide tailored learning programs. By doing so, we aim to offer more opportunities for young Filipinos, ensuring they’re equipped with the skills needed for the modern world.

Furthermore, recognizing the global challenges like climate change, inequality, and more, SLCi is also dedicated to fostering global awareness among learners. We integrate topics of sustainability and global citizenship into our curricula, encouraging students to be proactive global citizens.

Additionally, we partner with local businesses to offer training, ensuring they operate sustainably and ethically. This not only bolsters the local economy but also promotes responsible business practices.

In essence, our goal isn’t just to be a leading learning institution. We aim to mold informed, responsible individuals who can drive change in the Philippines and make a positive impact on the world.