Stimulate Your Creative Thinking

When I first dipped my toes into entrepreneurship, the road ahead was anything but clear. It was like standing at the edge of a vast, uncharted wilderness. My toolkit? A blend of gutsy creativity exercises like Crazy 8s, mind mapping, scenario games, and a bit of old-fashioned brainstorming. 

I remember once, during a session with my team, we hit a wall—nothing new seemed to spark. That’s when we turned to Crazy 8s. Eight minutes, eight sketches. It forced us out of our heads and into action. 

By the seventh sketch, we were laughing, and by the eighth, we struck gold—a fresh idea that later became one of our flagship products.1

If you’re aiming to carve your path in your field, whether it’s starting a new project or leading your team into new markets, you need that creative spark. It’s not just about having ideas but about catching the kind of innovative, game-changing thoughts that can set the world on fire.

Most folks think creativity is some mystical, elusive gift. It’s not. Many get stuck in the usual rut, trotting out the same old ideas, wondering why they’re not making headway. Or worse, they freeze up, thinking they’re just not the ‘creative type.’

Creativity is more like a muscle than magic. It grows stronger the more you use it. Exercises like Crazy 8s, mind mapping, and playing out scenarios? They’re like your creativity gym. They push you to think on your feet, see old problems in new lights, and explore wild ideas without fear.

So, what’s the shift we need?

Simple: make these creative workouts a regular part of your day-to-day. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit you like a lightning bolt. That’s not how it works. You’ve got to chase it down, stir it up, and keep the fires burning. (Share your thoughts here.)

Kick off this new approach today. Block out time each week—call it your ‘Innovation Hour.’ Start with mind mapping to sprawl out your thoughts, then hit a round of Crazy 8s to build on the best ones. Use scenario games to play through how these ideas could roll out in the real world. Make it fun, make it wild, and watch as your brain starts to connect dots you didn’t even know were there. 

Before you know it, creativity isn’t just a part of your job; it’s a part of you. Your creativity can 10x your learning.

I want to read your thoughts. You may respond here.

  1. Crazy 8s allows me to go beyond the surface-level answers. ↩︎
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