Supervisory Training in the Philippines

We tailor training programs for supervisors. Canned programs are commodities. But learning isn’t. And if you want to multiply your results, then you must turn supervisors into leaders who are multipliers.

Supervisors are more than just part of your organization; they are its driving force. In a world that’s constantly evolving, our approach to leadership must evolve too.

Traditionally, Filipinos adopted a broad approach to training, especially when dealing with large numbers of employees. It’s tempting to use generic methods, hoping some of them sticks.

But this overlooks a crucial element: mindset. Mindset shapes behaviors, and behaviors drive results.

The old ways of training, focused on accumulating skills, are not enough anymore. We need to foster a mindset that cultivates impactful behaviors, transcending traditional skill-building.

Principles of Effective Leadership Journeys

So, how do we foster this mindset?

First, we personalize training. Every supervisor has unique needs and strengths. Their training should mirror this individuality. Second, learning is an ongoing journey.

Good leaders are always learning, growing, adapting. Third, supervisors need real-life experiences. They learn best by doing, by facing real challenges.

The 4% Formula

Let’s consider the Pareto Principle: Usually, 20% of efforts yield 80% of results. But we want to introduce a more focused approach – the 4% Principle. It’s about concentrating on the 4% of behaviors that generate 64% of results.

Custom learning journeys are crucial here. It’s not about bombarding leaders with skills but honing in on specific behaviors that make a significant difference.

By practicing these key behaviors until they become habits, leaders can achieve remarkable results.

Strategies for Implementation

To implement this, start with understanding each supervisor’s unique needs. Use assessments to identify the critical 4% of behaviors for each.

Create collaborative learning environments where practicing these behaviors becomes part of the daily norm.

Remember, it’s about more than learning; it’s about applying these behaviors consistently and effectively.

Embrace this new approach to leadership training. It’s not about doing more; it’s about doing what’s essential, efficiently and effectively.

By focusing on the critical 4% of behaviors, underpinned by the right mindset, leaders can unlock extraordinary performance. Let’s start this journey together, for the future of our organizations and our people.

Supervisory Leadership Training Programs