professional membership

Why Professional Membership is a Win-Win for Employees and Organizations

When you hear “professional membership”, what comes to mind? For many, it’s an additional line on a CV or a mere networking tool. However, its value goes far beyond.

In the Philippines, with associations like the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) or the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), professional membership plays a pivotal role in personal and organizational growth.

Yet, many organizations undervalue this. Let’s unpack the consequences and the way forward.

What Exactly is Professional Membership?

Professional membership involves being part of an association or organization related to one’s profession. It offers resources, training, and a community of peers.

For instance, a Human Resource professional might join PMAP for its seminars, or an accountant might find value in PICPA’s workshops.

The Unspoken Desire of Managers

Deep down, managers want their employees to be the best. They desire skilled, informed, and connected teams.

Professional memberships can help achieve this.

Yet, there’s hesitation.

The immediate costs or time commitments may deter them. Or they may simply lack awareness of the immense benefits.

The Missed Opportunities

For Employees: Without professional memberships, employees miss out on continuous learning. They lose chances to network with peers, learn best practices, or stay updated with industry changes.

For Organizations: Companies lose too. They miss out on having a workforce that’s always on the cutting edge. They forgo the benefits of employees who bring fresh insights and best practices learned from their memberships.

Challenging the Status Quo

There’s a principle in continuous improvement: invest in growth for long-term gains.

By not encouraging professional memberships, organizations are essentially saying, “We don’t value continuous growth.”

Common excuses like “It’s too expensive” or “We don’t have time” reflect short-term thinking.

Consider this: Isn’t it costlier to have an outdated team? Isn’t it riskier to lag behind in an evolving industry?

Harness the Power of Professional Membership

Encourage employees to join professional associations. Provide them with the time and resources to actively participate.

By doing this, you will cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Employees feel valued and motivated. They bring new skills and knowledge, making the organization more competitive.

Research relevant professional associations. Collaborate with HR to create policies that support membership. This could mean sponsoring membership fees or allowing time off for seminars.

Your Next Step

While there are many ways to support professional memberships, start with this simple action today: Open a dialogue.

Discuss with your team about their interests and see which associations align with their roles.

This small step can pave the way for bigger changes.


Professional membership is not just an added credential. It’s a powerhouse of opportunities.

For employees, it’s about growth and networking.

For organizations, it’s about staying ahead in the game.

The Philippines has many associations that cater to various professions. It’s high time organizations harness this resource. By prioritizing and encouraging professional memberships, we create win-win situations.

Employees thrive. Organizations flourish.

The question isn’t whether to join but how soon you will. Embrace professional membership today and unlock a world of possibilities.